On Microsoft, Zemanta and StockTwits

Few notes of interest from what I was able to scan heading in to the Thanksgiving holiday extended weekend:

AlleyInsider kicks around the idea of Microsoft following Apple and Google’s lead by getting in to the mobile phone business. Doesn’t sound that far fetched when you see how little they stand to make licensing Windows for the mobile world, particularly if people continue buying non-Windows devices like the iPhone in droves. Plus, if you have the size and cash that MSFT has, why would you let pesky OEMs stand between you and the end user. What’s next, buying some spectrum and steamrolling the Carriers?

Speaking of MSFT (ok MSN), good to see my ‘ol pal Rob Bennett getting a bump up in the MSN world. Rob’s taking on role of Network-wide programming czar for MSN. Sounds like a good gig for Rob and will let him do what he’s been doing in an Entertainment context and apply it to all MSN channels.

I am curious to check out Zemanta in more detail. At first glance looks like a cool tool for adding features and engagement for bloggers. Will see if I can pull off the plug-in integration within WP?

What are other guys talking about? Fred Wilson highlights StockTwits, a “bloomberg for the little guy” as they call themselves. Basically culls all tweets (or twits…what’s the difference again?) that reference a specific stock ticker with $ in front (e.g. $YHOO picks up thread about Yahoo investor commentary).

By far, my favorite commentary I accessed after installing the FireFox extension was the following:

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