Big Money's Guitar Heaven

Had lunch with my good buddy Dave Mandelbrot today.  Glorious day in SF, tasty burritos at the Mexican place just to the left of the Ferry Building.  Unbelievable carnitas!

But the real highlight was catching up with Dave.  Of course, I meant to snap an iPhone photo so I could embarrass him on the blog (looked like he hadn’t shaved in days).  Best I could come up with is the photo below I found searching on Google.  Nothing says “classy” like a good old fashioned corporate photo!

Dave and his partner Brian (no relation to me) have been working on a labor of love for the past few months.  Basically they are honing in on creating the ultimate hub for guitar fans – people looking to learn about guitars (think Fender), guitarists (think Eric Clapton) and guitar riffs (think “Stairway to Heaven”).  You can check out the live beta of Dave’s site FretBase here.

I’ve been a proponent of this type of ‘grassroots’ publishing for awhile now.  Pick a topic, drill down on the various database components that make up the universe of products, services and information that people care about.  Make it easy for people to comment, review and edit the experience so that they make it feel like they own part of it.  This feels like the way to truly unleash the combo of affiliate ecommerce, lead generation and performance media, and ultimately the next generation of branded display advertising.

Makes me kind of feel like I need to spend time ramping up the Peter Frampton section of Dave’s site!